About Suzanne's Sweets

How did this dessert phenomenon begin?

Rugelach Gift Basket - Suzanne's Sweets

Everything good starts in Mom's kitchen. Especially dessert — at least that's what my three kids always say! And that's where my homemade Rugelach began. It all started with a passion for baking and a simple, personal challenge to create an amazing, mouth-watering Rugelach. I put all my heart into the recipe and after a few tries what came out of the oven were affectionately known as my little pieces of love. They quickly became a top request and have been a tradition in our family ever since.

So, at the urging of family and friends, I sold them to caterers, coffee shops, retail stores and scores of people who have tasted my Rugelach then called back to ask for more! Now they're available to you through my Website and lots of local and soon national specialty food stores and cafés.

Now, Suzanne's Sweets has become more than anything I could have imagined. All because of a few cookies and my wonderful family and friends who supported me and my hobby. I know my Rugelach will delight your senses. It's not like anything you've ever tasted. They're extremely light, flaky and moist… never doughy. They're over-filled with rich chocolate, luscious fruits, nuts and most of all…huge flavor. Each "little bit of heaven" is truly handmade - really!

So let our tradition become yours! Check out our new store and please let us know how you like our Rugelach!